Comprehensive relief package support to COVID impacted women and excluded groups

In total 982 women and excluded groups (257 in Ishnath, 243 in Rajpur Municipalities of Rautahat district, Province 2 and 253 in Tikapur, 229 in Lamkichuha municipalities of Lamkichuha) had accessed to quality services i.e., in-kind support by receiving food items (Rice-30 kg; Lentils-3 kg, Salt-1 kg, Cooking oil-2 ltrs; Gram-1kg; Sugar-2 kg), non-food items (Soap-6pcs, Detergent-1 kg, Sanitary pad cotton one: 12 pcs), energy saving, solar energy equipment (1 LPG ), essential supplies (Paracetamol, Dettol, cotton, ORS), mobile phone (1 set) as part of the  comprehensive relief package.

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