Success Stories

Case 1: Finally, Muslim Women Acknowledged with Citizenship

Case 2: Muslim Women is Breaking the Bond of Restriction on their Mobility

Case 3: After getting livelihood improvement materials the women became happy and encouraged to do something in their life

Case 4 An initiation of Mandwi not only impressed the DDMC, local governments but also open the door for the other agencies who were waiting for the food assistance distribution

Case 5 The Burden of Water Collection of Alima and Tension of Family Members Suffering from Diseases Resolved after the Installation of Tube Well

Case 6 A Tube Well Support is not only Ensured Safe Drinking Water to the Family but also Eliminate the Tension of Families like Abuse and Caste Based Discrimination

Case 7 Computer training became useful for earning and convincing other adolescent girls in the community

Case 8 Women farmers became empowered in relation to scaled up large scale of commercial farming

Case 9 Improving Economic Status through Driving E-rickshaw is the Destination

Case 10 Skilled Training Contributed Shajahan To Be a Professional Tailoring

Case 11 The TOT on Life Skill has not only Increased the Confidence of Rita Chaudhary but Developed her as a Change Agent in the Community

Case 12 Engagement of Chaudhary in this Project helped to confidence building and became a local leader in the community

Case 13 LIFE Skill Sessions Enhanced Knowledge of Group Members, Helped in Local Resource Leverage and Mobilization