Water Sanitation and Hygiene

Mandwi has been implementing “A shallow tube well installation for safe drinking water project in Rautahat District ” with the technical and financial assistance from Penny Appeal. The overall goal of the proposed project is to contribute to improved water security and community health in selected areas of Province 2 of Nepal and to complement Government policies and program. To contribute to the goal mainly two specific objectives were set, i.e. 1. To increase access of needy and marginalized people to safe drinking water in the project area and 2. To inform needy and marginalized people about significance of safe drinking water  in their life.

Similarly,  “Developing Water Sanitation and Health facilities in Public institutions, households and community (Integrated WASH)” project has been implemented in Paroha ward no: 9 Rampurkhap of Rautahat district, Nepal. The project aims to contribute in improving water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities in the target area of school, Health and the community. As well as aware and sensitize the needy and marginalized people regarding singnificace of WASH. The project was started in Rautahat from February 1 to June 30, 2020 and has been targeting needy and marginalized people. The project has targeted 250 students, 45 needy and marginzlized households, 60 school and health facility stakeholders as direct beneficiaries and 3,000 community people as indirect beneficiaries.