Our Strategic Approach

From the  expertise and experiences of Mandwi’s as well as studying  and analyzing the Global, Regional, societal and grassroots level positions, Mandwi’s strategic approach towards ending injustice and exclusion is to adopt human rights based approach and believe the state is primary duty bearer for the dignity and well being of its citizens.  Our approach reaffirms the role of popular struggle, social justice movements, popular actions, alliances with other community based organizations, networks, individuals, opinion leaders, political parties, private sector organizations, media and government agencies for rights conscientisation and transformation of unequal power relations.

  • Enabling and empowering
  • Mass conscientisation and building solidarity
  • Pro people’s right policies and governance

Why we are different?

We start to work in 77 districts of Nepal with special focus in Terai and have ‘right based’ approach to decision making. Mandwi’s head office is in Rauthat district (which is small and less developed district) because it’s important to us that the people with whom we work  people whose lives we support) are feel connected  to us – our location is important part of that connection.

Most of all we believe everyone has to live with dignity and exercise all the power within them to create change for themselves, families and communities.

Women in discrimination are not waiting to change to happen; they are getting on with it themselves. That’s what ‘The Power in People’ is about.

“Mandwi willing to be a catalyst for that change.”